Thursday, 28 February 2013

Preparing: a new home

The current house. Dark, cramped, small.
We're moving house. Of course that's fun - looking at different houses, finding out what we like and don't like, imagining life in various settings. I even saw a house boat for sale, and considered it! (THAT would be a different lifestyle!)

Not so fun is the part where we have to sell his current house. It's on the market, people are coming to see it, but until someone buys it - that is, makes an offer, goes through the legal process, and pays - we can't make a serious move on any of the properties we're looking at. That's tough. Some properties would be absolutely lovely, but we can't do anything and they are bought by someone else. Will the right property be there when we can buy? What if not: a few months in rented accommodation, meaning we're having to move twice? I can only hope not!

Why are we moving?

You might well ask, given that this is a perfectly adequate 2-bedroom house which he owns. I don't yet live there, even. But I have said, when we spoke about ideal places to live - not nagged, not refused, simply said - that I don't love the house. To me, it feels oppressive, dark, cramped inside (it's Victorian). At Christmas, he turned to me and said, "Let's put the house up for sale. We'll find one we both like."

I'm so lucky marrying this man.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


This is my first blog post. This blog will be somewhat eclectic, but the general theme is life and what it throws at me. At the moment, that's mainly changes. I'm going from full-time marketing manager in charity, a job I greatly cared about for over six years, to... married life, and beyond that I'm not sure what else I will do.

These are the chronicles of change, of learning, of finding my feet in a joyous new season. Take my hand, dear reader - thank you for taking part in my journey today.