Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Running again

I don't consider myself a runner, not by a long stretch.

Mr & I approaching the finish at the Twilight Run 10k
I don't run slow. If I do that, I get knee pain faster than you can say, 'bad form'. No, I have to run at a good pace so that my form works and I don't get into heel strikes... the downside of that being that my lungs can't keep up and I can't run long distances. When I say 'long' distances, I'm saying that the day will one day come that I can run a whole mile without walking, but I'm not there yet!

But, I will run. It's the only exercise I (semi-)enjoy, it's free, it gets me out in the air.

I haven't done any running since the Twilight Run last October, a 10k obstacle course that was as grim as it was fun, but Mr and I are signed up for the Oxford Half Marathon this October. Six months to get ready, six months of warm-ish weather here, six months without excuses and hopefully, following that time, a solid habit I won't so easily let go again.

So I did my first run/walk, about 4 miles, two days ago. Thighs, abs, calves sore even today, but it's time again now: 3 miles, here I come!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

After Honeymoon

Our time away is over. But I'd like to think that the honeymoon isn't!

Three weeks of undiluted bliss in paradise - I'll say no more... it was definitely the holiday of a lifetime. But it had to come to an end. 'Real Life' continues, and three weeks is more than most have had, so I'm grateful for every minute we had and the many, many beautiful memories created.

And now?

I find myself returned home to a place that wasn't home before. Over last week and this week I've been working, mostly cleaning and tidying, to make this place feel like a home, and it's getting there. (Ironically, it won't be home for much longer!) So, just about a week into this new life, I'm beginning to create a routine in my day:

  • Morning: get up with Mr, have breakfast together, then I'll spend time with God, then do house related work. Cleaning, tidying, laundry, whatever needs doing. Later, workout and shower, then lunch.
  • Afternoon: do out-of-house things i.e. errands, and/or Internet stuff: I'm still in the process of sorting out my name change with banks, insurance, etc. Registering with a doctor, getting to know the local area with its shops and where to buy what is my current project.
  • Evening: Mr. returns and I cook/serve food. Funny enough, that's my biggest challenge so far! He likes to eat a variety of food, whereas when I was single, I'd happily eat the exact same thing every day for months on end. (corn on the cob? All winter!) - so I'm finding it really challenging to come up with meals we'll both enjoy, and make them different each day. He just told me today he's getting a bit tired of rice...
So, we're beginning to settle into a rhythm. I haven't been able to drive anywhere yet because I had to get onto his insurance, but now that is sorted out, I will be mobile. And Mr will fix up his second bike for me so I can get around when he's taking the car. 

We're getting there! 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A time to give

While spending some quiet time with God today, a thought came to me... this new season I've just entered, it will be a time characterised by giving.

That is a very personal-to-me revelation that goes beyond the obvious. Of course being married means giving to the other. But there's more, for me.

Since becoming a Christian 11 years ago, I've been surrounded by givers: people who generously, tirelessly, lovingly built and invested into my life. God has completely changed me on the inside, not least through those people who came into my life. You wouldn't recognise me, my views, thoughts, and feelings from before I knew Jesus; and this didn't happen in isolation but through people, givers, the church.

I've been taking, receiving.

That's not wrong or bad, I think I simply needed that much time and investment - I was that messed up. God knew that. And when he knew I was ready to start giving, and Mr. was ready too, he put us together. And this morning I knew that giving would outweigh receiving for me from now on - mostly, not always, of course.

Mr. gives generously, all the time. He serves others joyfully, always has, even before he was a Christian. It's who he is, and one of the things I love about him. He doesn't need to learn how... but I do. How do you go from being a taker to being a giver? Shift from looking for your own blessings to looking to bless others?

Even as I write this I wonder if I'm being too harsh. In the last few years, I did give and serve. To be clear, I'm not saying I never used to bless others, and neither am I saying I will never receive from others again. But I do feel I've been told, quite clearly, that a shift has happened. Time to invest, give, bless.