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Mr. and Me on the day we
were wedded in law...
11th January 2013.
A few words about me, then, since you asked. I live in the UK, am a vegan, and I follow Christ. I'm also married and have two children. This blog is here mainly as an outlet for me, chronicles of a major life change.

So this blog will be somewhat eclectic, but the general theme is life and what it throws at me. At the moment, that's mainly changes. I was a full-time marketing manager in charity, a job I greatly cared about for over six years, and within less than three years have gone into married life, a baby, then another... nothing's the same.

These are the chronicles of change, of learning, of finding my feet in a joyous new season. Take my hand, dear reader - thank you for taking part in my journey today.

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