Thursday, 24 October 2013

Turning points

I just turned 33, and on my birthday I reflected about the year past... 32 was one of the turning point years of my life, a year when almost everything changed.

I've had a few of them: 15, my mother's death; 18, my aunt's (who was my foster mother) death; 21/22, becoming a Christian and moving to the USA.

Now when I was 32, everything changed again:
  • I got engaged to the love of my life
  • Married him legally in January
  • Married him officially in March
  • Quit my job
  • Went to the Caribbean for the honeymoon of my wildest dreams
  • Moved cities
  • Moved onto a boat
  • Got a dog: that truly affirms 'we're making a home here' doesn't it?

At each of these turning points, I could never have foreseen where they would take me! That's the beauty, and the terror, of the unpredictability that is life. The turning point at 32 has now happened: where will this take us? - and I do say 'us' because now and forever, I'm no longer one. I'm part of a unit, a team, and things that happen, happen to 'us' and 'we' are going to deal with them.

Marriage is an incredible thing.

Just over six months in, I'm only beginning to discover the depths of it. And I can't begin to count the ways in which being married to this specific man blesses me; he is truly perfect for me. He obviously isn't perfect, as such; nobody is -   God knows I'm not - but he is for me, or perhaps better said, we suit each other perfectly.