Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ouchies and fitness

I've been struggling with a sore lower back for a number of days now. Quite disabling! I think I know where it comes from - sleeping on a very soft bed in very contorted positions due to it being a double bed which I was sharing with both the Mr. and our 25kg dog. Who spreads out!

So I look forward to getting better. Given that I have a slow-moving flu as well right now I'm just resting my back and the rest of my body with it... and that's fine for now... but I've been planning to get a bit fitter anyway and just the right challenge has come along!

Not just a fitness challenge but also a better commitment to this blog? Jackpot! That's what the Janathon is there for. Come January I plan to - I'm supposed to - well I'll say it, I COMMIT to! - exercising daily and blogging daily. I may or may not run.......

Those of you who've been following my posts know that I won't stick to one topic. I never do! So if fitness and all that isn't for you, I'll still talk about all sort of other things as they happen. And the other way round - there will probably be a few visitors to this blog who wonder about the sheer randomness of this and to you I say: welcome, and I'm not sorry!