Friday, 3 January 2014

Janathon Day 3: walks & house work

It's possible to have sore shin muscles. I never knew...

Pic from Bristol Post. This is really close to
our place - yet I never saw it!
But that's from yesterday. I never saw the apocalyptic flood that was expected although later I saw some incredible pictures - really close to where we live as well - yet I never saw any of it! Must have come & gone really quickly. Certainly by midday there was lovely sunshine and hardly any wind! So Fred and I took the opportunity for a walk together.

Admittedly he got more exercise than I did, chasing after the ball, and the walk was somewhat shorter than I'd hoped because it started raining again and I wasn't wearing a coat. Beautiful rainbow on the way back!

Both before and after the walk I tidied and cleaned to my heart's content, and all that work has got to count for something too, doesn't it? Now enjoying a gleaming kitchen and bathroom, hoovered floors, and a generally tidier place - smelling of freshly made banana muffins - I'm quite ready for a last quiet weekend with my beloved. Things will get hectic again of course. But we have the weekend.

Oh, and fish (veggie burger) & chips to start it off!

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