Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Day One: in which nothing happened

Thought I'd put a picture in of us
walking in the Peak District...
So I signed up for Janathon: a month of daily exercise and blogging. Today is Day One... here's what happened.
  • Torrential rain.
  • From 10-3ish, we drove back from Peak District where we spent our holidays.
  • Torrential rain meant that even Fred the dog had no interest in leaving the car for a wee at any of the rest stops. Pulled me back to the car immediately!
  • Arrived to a freezing boat, as expected.
  • Turned on immersion heater - it blew the mains. At time of this writing, we haven't got power back yet.
  • I am not exercising in a January downpour with the prospect of a cold shower (if any) at the end of it!

  • Fire's going nicely.
  • I didn't eat food when I wasn't hungry today. That's another resolution, one I can keep every day as it's not weather dependent!
Tomorrow's plan should go ahead - a minimum of 1.5 hours' walking (45 minutes each way to/from work) and if my new Yoga DVD arrives for strengthening the back, then that as well.

Oh and perhaps I should make plans to find a shower somewhere.

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