Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Running again

I don't consider myself a runner, not by a long stretch.

Mr & I approaching the finish at the Twilight Run 10k
I don't run slow. If I do that, I get knee pain faster than you can say, 'bad form'. No, I have to run at a good pace so that my form works and I don't get into heel strikes... the downside of that being that my lungs can't keep up and I can't run long distances. When I say 'long' distances, I'm saying that the day will one day come that I can run a whole mile without walking, but I'm not there yet!

But, I will run. It's the only exercise I (semi-)enjoy, it's free, it gets me out in the air.

I haven't done any running since the Twilight Run last October, a 10k obstacle course that was as grim as it was fun, but Mr and I are signed up for the Oxford Half Marathon this October. Six months to get ready, six months of warm-ish weather here, six months without excuses and hopefully, following that time, a solid habit I won't so easily let go again.

So I did my first run/walk, about 4 miles, two days ago. Thighs, abs, calves sore even today, but it's time again now: 3 miles, here I come!

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