Tuesday, 23 April 2013

After Honeymoon

Our time away is over. But I'd like to think that the honeymoon isn't!

Three weeks of undiluted bliss in paradise - I'll say no more... it was definitely the holiday of a lifetime. But it had to come to an end. 'Real Life' continues, and three weeks is more than most have had, so I'm grateful for every minute we had and the many, many beautiful memories created.

And now?

I find myself returned home to a place that wasn't home before. Over last week and this week I've been working, mostly cleaning and tidying, to make this place feel like a home, and it's getting there. (Ironically, it won't be home for much longer!) So, just about a week into this new life, I'm beginning to create a routine in my day:

  • Morning: get up with Mr, have breakfast together, then I'll spend time with God, then do house related work. Cleaning, tidying, laundry, whatever needs doing. Later, workout and shower, then lunch.
  • Afternoon: do out-of-house things i.e. errands, and/or Internet stuff: I'm still in the process of sorting out my name change with banks, insurance, etc. Registering with a doctor, getting to know the local area with its shops and where to buy what is my current project.
  • Evening: Mr. returns and I cook/serve food. Funny enough, that's my biggest challenge so far! He likes to eat a variety of food, whereas when I was single, I'd happily eat the exact same thing every day for months on end. (corn on the cob? All winter!) - so I'm finding it really challenging to come up with meals we'll both enjoy, and make them different each day. He just told me today he's getting a bit tired of rice...
So, we're beginning to settle into a rhythm. I haven't been able to drive anywhere yet because I had to get onto his insurance, but now that is sorted out, I will be mobile. And Mr will fix up his second bike for me so I can get around when he's taking the car. 

We're getting there! 

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