Sunday, 10 March 2013


It's Mother's Day, and I'm thinking about fathers.

I haven't had a good father. Because I am commanded to honour my father, and because it's not good to speak ill of the dead, I won't elaborate on why —suffice to say that as a 12-year-old, I kicked him out of the family home because my mother didn't feel able to, and until I began following God at age 21 I never acknowledged or spoke to him again. He was dead to me.

God is nothing like my father, he is the perfect father - so I needed to learn what that means. God knew that, and has given me not one, but several amazing fathers in the faith over the years; men who have invested their time and love to show me something about what God meant when he said he was my father.

I have just asked one of these men to walk me down the isle at my wedding in 2 weeks' time, Justin from Winchester. He and his wife, Alexia, have walked with me and guided me through an incredibly intense growth period in my life, a time I still look back on as formative years of healing and change.

There is nothing better than family!

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