Sunday, 3 May 2015

Simple Hip Cross Carry - Photo Tutorial

Hip Cross Carry
This is, in my opinion, the most underrated hip carry! It's pre-tied and poppable, meaning that you can put the wrap on and keep it on all day if you like, popping baby in and out as needed. It can be done with a woven wrap size 3 or 4.

This makes it great for toddlers, who can't make up their mind if they want to be carried or not; it's great for short walks to the car - basically anywhere that you need to take baby out without having to tie again.

No one ever seems to suggest this carry when people ask, and I think that's because all the videos I've seen so far make it look really complicated to do. But it's not! So I've taken a few photos to walk you through how it's done, I hope you'll agree it's super easy.

I'm using a size 3 here. If you use a 4 you'll have some hanging tails. As you make the knot in advance, you'll get to know after a while how much tail you need.

Let's get started! It's so simple....

Step 1: Make a knot.
So to start with, you just make a double knot towards the end of your wrap, creating a loop.

Step 2: hula hoop.
Put the wrap around your waist, holding it out away from you. The knot should sit at your waist, the same side of your body that you want the shoulder of the wrap to sit.

Step 3: cross over.
Now you're creating a figure 8 by crossing the wrap over itself. The front should cross over the back.

Step 4: Arm & head come through the loop
The loop you've created is where your arm and head go through.

You're done! You can wear your wrap like this all day.

But, I hear you ask, where does the baby go? I'll show you...

Back leg goes through the back pass
Front leg through the front pass
That's baby sitting there! If your baby doesn't like being wrapped, or you just want some relief
for your carrying arm, you can just carry them like this. They'll sit safely, but of course
you'll want to keep your arm on their back supporting them.
Spread the back pass first, all the way up and over their back shoulder.
Then spread the front pass.
Notice - as you can easily see with this wrap - that the rail on top (grey) is the opposite
from the other side (which is orange)! This is important...
Finally, grab the top (grey) rail and pull it down over your shoulder, so the wrap doesn't dig into your neck.
This is very comfortable if you get it to cup your shoulder!
If you've got the rails right, the pass diagonally across your back will be spread wide and without twists!

Have fun!

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