Thursday, 13 June 2013

Powerless to help

Over the past few weeks, Mr. has been having a tough and trying time at work. He's been taking work home, it's weighed on him, and he comes home exhausted.

What's really difficult for me here is that I can't help him. I can't fix it - and as a typical firstborn, I desperately want to. It's grating to be sitting at home, comfortable and relaxed, knowing that his day is filled with anxiety and stress... and nothing I do will make it easier for him. I can't even make home a relaxing haven for him to come home to because everything is boxed up and ready for tomorrow's move! So all I can do is pray for him.

That's the only thing I get to do: I can pray. And I do. God can give him what he needs to get through this.

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